Hardly a One-Trick Pony: IFA's Holistic Planning Menu


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 

-- Benjamin Franklin

Diversification needs to be a central theme in everything you do with money. That includes not just investing, but also how your personal finances are managed.

At Index Fund Advisors, we're hardly a one-trick pony. In fact, there's much more to the IFA story. 

As true fiduciaries for our clients -- meaning we always put each person's interests ahead of our own -- IFA's advisors are here to lend an expert hand to help solve a wide range of financial planning issues.

At the core of our planning process is an individually tailored and holistic financial plan. Besides setting a strategic foundation for each client's investments, IFA's advisors look to protect a family's complete financial well-being over the course of a lifetime.

The IFA wealth services menu is powered by one of the most comprehensive and popular software planning tools on the market today, eMoney. Guided by an expert advisor, this sophisticated suite enables our clients to tackle financial issues that go far beyond complex diversification questions about their portfolios.

For example, if you're facing a big-ticket purchase -- anything from buying a new house or car to paying for college -- IFA stands ready to lend a hand. An objective analysis by our advisors can put into proper perspective how a major outlay might impact your overall financial situation and point to divergent financing strategies.  

An IFA financial plan's rigorous review of a client's household finances can also uncover new savings opportunities. In particular, our advisors are equipped to break down family expenses and compare existing as well as future liabilities to accumulated asset totals.

Household budgeting is just a start, though. We can also look at your income expectations, much like a business studies cash flow trends on a corporate balance sheet. This can prove an especially beneficial tool for couples preparing for retirement.

Even those who are already out of the workforce can find this type of a personal check-up a good way to stay on-track and maximize an existing IFA financial plan.

In fact, our comprehensive financial planning menu includes ongoing advice to help you figure out ways to manage healthcare costs in retirement and maximize government benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.

IFA's financial planning services are offered on a complimentary basis at no extra cost. But our advisors don't rigidly follow any particular path to securing each client's financial future. For specific circumstances, we might suggest you talk to an outside lawyer, CPA or medical professional.

Any such recommendations are just that, and if expert references can prove helpful, your advisor might be able to help with that as well.