Fiduciary Wealth Services (20)

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Investment Advisory

IFA provides investment advisory services that focus specifically on matching people with portfolios of passively managed or index mutual funds, based on the client’s risk capacity.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

IFA offers IFA Financial Planning, utilizing eMoney or MoneyGuidePro to provide a complimentary, wealth management system that will allow our clients to track their assets, liabilities, income, and spending across all their accounts as well as store all their important documents in electronic form. Wealth Advisors can work with their clients to produce financial plans, using this analysis as the foundation for recommendations to achieve each client's financial objectives.

Retirement Planning

With the aid of the IFA Retirement Plan Analyzer, IFA Wealth Advisors are able to help clients make more informed decisions in each stage of retirement.

College Planning

IFA’s College Savings Analyzer helps IFA Wealth Advisors align a client’s college funding objectives with an appropriate college savings and investment plan.

Social Security Optimization Services

IFA Wealth Advisors and expert resources provide a powerful solution to determine how to maximize your social security benefits and further outline your complete financial picture.

Charitable Giving Services

IFA Wealth Advisors assist clients in setting up donor advised funds, which are charitable giving accounts that provide an efficient way to make grants to charities.

Referral Services

Accounting Services

IFA Wealth Advisors refer clients to accounting firms, including IFA Taxes, LLC, an affiliate of Index Fund Advisors, Inc., with common ownership. IFA Taxes can collaborate with IFA wealth advisors to improve financial and tax planning for IFA clients. IFA Taxes offers tax planning, accounting and tax return preparation.

Insurance Services

IFA Wealth Advisors refer clients to insurance advisors and collaborate with the advisors to integrate the insurance policies with the overall financial needs of the client.

Trustee Services

For trust management and administrative needs, IFA Wealth Advisors can refer clients to corporate or administrative trustees through Schwab, National Advisors Trust or Fidelity.

Estate Planning Services

IFA Wealth Advisors can refer clients to estate planning attorneys to create estate plans and aid in the implementation of the plans.

Services For:

Individuals & Families

IFA provides enhanced investment advice to high-net-worth individuals and families by matching people with portfolios and working with them through all financial aspects of their life.

Retirement Plans

IFA delivers 401(k), 403(b), and IRA retirement plan solutions to small and mid-sized companies. By combining education, one-on-one advice, and model index portfolios IFA creates customized, high-value plans at a reasonable cost.

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IFA matches institutions with portfolios, providing the ability to earn optimal risk-adjusted returns. IFA assists institutional clients in the creation, purchase, and rebalancing of portfolios comprised of risk-calibrated, globally diversified blends of passively managed index funds.

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What's your Risk Capacity?

Calculating risk capacity is the first step to deciding which portfolio will generate optimal returns for each investor.

Each investor has a unique risk capacity and can be identified by a risk capacity score — a measure of
how much risk one can manage.

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