College Savings Analyzer

What are the chances that your portfolio will survive through college savings?

IFA's College Savings Analyzer is a useful tool for helping investors get on track and stay thereā€”helping put children through college.

Download Sample Report This report is offered as a tool for helping investors understand key factors in college savings investing. The charts and graphs produced from the information provided by you in the form below will be based on a Monte Carlo simulation method. This method simulates 10,000 portfolio outcomes an investor may experience based on long-term (94 years) historical data starting from one of 100 IFA Index Portfolios, with a Glide Path option that is specially geared towards college savings. The scenarios are presented in terms of statistical probabilities of portfolio survival at various years into your child's time in college. The inputs include your child's current age, expected college attendance age, current value of savings, expected contribution to savings, and your anticipated college expenditure. This report is based on many assumptions which can make large changes in the outcomes and in no way can cover all the changes that occur throughout the college savings and expenditure years. Your PDF report download link will be provided immediately and at no obligation.

The chart below shows the asset allocations through time for a student who begins college at age 18. The glide path is based on annual decrease of 5 IFA Index Portfolio risk levels. This glide path is much steeper than the glide path used for retirement savings because the duration of the liability is much shorter.

Monte Carlo Simulation Request Form

  1. What is your child's current age? 

  2. What is the current value of your college savings? $ 

  3. How much do you plan on contributing to your college saving per year? $ 

  4. Estimate the average increase in your contribution to college savings? A common annual increase would be between 3% and 6%.  %

  5. Most children start college at age 18. What age does your child plan to start college?  

  6. In today's dollars, estimate your first year annual costs (see here for tuition and total annual cost estimates for most universities). IFA will adjust this dollar amount for 6% inflation at the time your child begins to attend college. It is assumed that whatever contribution you are currently making towards college savings will continue during the college attendance period, so the required withdrawal from college savings will be reduced by this amount.

  7. Most students plan to attend college for 2, 4, or 6 years. For how many years does your child plan to attend college? Years

  8. What kind of investor are you?