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For more than 15 years, our loyal clients have trusted us with their hard-earned money. As of December 31, 2015, IFA’s total assets under management is:

$2.74 Billion

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Fiduciary Wealth Services

IFA offers customized investment management and portfolio strategies alongside online planning and referral services for a better overall client experience. An experienced IFA Wealth Advisor provides personalized advice to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

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IFA FinPlan is a robust technology powered by eMoney where IFA clients can keep their financial accounts, investments and spending organized in one easy-to-use personal financial management dashboard, and dedicated IFA Wealth Advisors can in turn produce comprehensive and personalized financial plans.

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What should individuals look for when selecting an investment firm?


Look for a firm that is a fiduciary (legally requiring them to always act in the best interest of the client) and is only compensated by clients with no conflicts of interest. The fiduciary responsibility to diversify assets and ensure that costs are reasonable combined with overwhelming academic evidence argue for the use of low-cost index funds. If your investment firm is not using index funds for your portfolio, you should ask for a detailed explanation as to why.


What is unique about IFA's investment strategies?


We’ve built 100 globally diversified Index Portfolios that we match to each client’s capacity for risk. We do not rely on stock picking, market timing, or manager picking. We make no attempt to guess the next winning investment style or industrial sector. Our approach is to buy, hold, rebalance, and when feasible, tax loss harvest.


You are a proponent of “replacing speculation with education.” How do you accomplish this?


Our website contains 1,412 articles, 320 videos, over 700 charts, descriptions of 2,342 books (including many rare and antique books) in the IFA library, and 329 quotes related to investing. It also includes Mark Hebner's 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors. This only scratches the surface regarding the data we provide investors on general investment performance, retirement savings, college savings, and many other important topics.

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Featured Charts

IFA's extensive collection of charts presents a wealth of data supporting the benefits of investing with IFA.

Risk and Return Scatter Plot of IFA Index Portfolios and IFA Indexes
Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Asset Class Winner?             Rewind/Play:
Index Comparisons
Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Industrial Sector Winner?        Rewind/Play:
Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Country Winner?
The Value of Human and Financial Capital in IFA Index Portfolios
Why Diversify? Stocks vs. Indexes and IFA Index Portfolios
Stock Picking Skill Statistically Indistinguishable from Zero
Histograms of Simulated Passive Investor Experiences in IFA Index Portfolios
Time Diversification of IFA Index Portfolios
Positive vs. Negative Returns in IFA Index Portfolios
IFA Index Portfolios
Normal Distributions of IFA Index Portfolios
Distribution of Monthly Returns of IFA Index Portfolios
Roller Coaster of Risk and Return for IFA Index Portfolios and IFA Indexes
High-Median-Low Monthly Rolling Period Analysis in IFA Index Portfolios
Simulated Passive Investor Experiences (SPIEs) in IFA Index Portfolios
Vanguard Funds vs. Dimensional Funds in IFA Index Portfolios
Before and After Hiring Returns of Investment Managers
Statistical Significance of Alpha Among 292* Mutual Funds
State Retirement Systems vs. Index Portfolios
Vanguard vs Dimensional Fund Advisors
Vanguard Funds vs. Dimensional Funds in IFA Index Portfolios
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IFA Index Portfolios

IFA's highly regarded Index Portfolios are globally diversified across 44 countries and over 13,000 companies, and built in accordance with Nobel Prize winning research and evidence-based analysis of historic stock market data.

Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors

"Best comprehensive book I have ever read about index fund investing."

"With rich illustrations, artwork and numerous historical charts
this book screams quality."