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Will McClatchy

Democracy and Markets under Attack

by Will McClatchy
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Attacking a democracy will only make it rally in unity. Attacking a physical icon of capital management will only disperse the administration of capital flows. Americans have rallied defiantly against cowardly attacks on civilians by a hidden group. The ...Read More


  • ProFunds Launches Six New Index Funds

    by Staff — Wednesday, September 5, 2001

    Maryland-based fund shop ProFunds yesterday launched six index funds based on the following indexes: S&P Midcap 400, S&P Midcap 400/Barra Value, S&P Midcap 400/Barra Growth, Russell 2000, S&P Smallcap ...Read More

  • ETF Assets Fall in Weak Market

    by Staff — Monday, August 27, 2001

    Exchange-traded fund (ETF) assets fell slightly in July, underscoring the current climate of soft equity prices. The slim $40 million decline occurred despite the fact that issued shares exceeded redeemed ...Read More

  • John Spence

    SEC Denies ICI Petition to Regulate Folios

    by John Spence — Friday, August 24, 2001

    Chalk one up for do-it-yourself investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a letter yesterday denying an Investment Company Institute (ICI) petition filed in March to regulate online ...Read More

  • Three ETFs Begin Trading on Big Board

    by Staff — Thursday, August 2, 2001

    Three prominent exchange-traded funds (ETFs) began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday, July 31 - the Nasdaq-100 Tracking Stock (QQQ), SPDR 500 (SPY), and Diamonds (DIA). They managed to ...Read More

  • Larry Swedroe

    How The Price You Pay Impacts Returns

    by Larry Swedroe — Thursday, July 26, 2001

    When forecasting investment returns, individuals often make the mistake of simply extrapolating historic returns into the future. In addition, investors make the mistake of "recency." Bull markets lead ...Read More

  • News From the Week

    by Staff — Wednesday, July 25, 2001

    The Vanguard Group said it will jack up the minimum initial investment for its Selected Value Fund from $3,000 to $25,000, effective July 23. Vanguard also indicated that a 1% redemption fee would be assessed ...Read More

  • John Spence

    Who Wants to Run a Mutual Fund?

    by John Spence — Tuesday, July 24, 2001

    I cringe when I hear comparisons between investing and sports, but I can't resist this time. When it comes to stock-picking, we're a nation of Monday morning quarterbacks. ...Read More

  • New iShares Based on Russell Mid-Cap Indexes

    by Staff — Friday, July 20, 2001

    Barclays Global Investors launched three iShares on the American Stock Exchange today. The new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are tied to the Russell Midcap index, Russell Midcap Value index, and Russell Midcap ...Read More

  • AMEX Beefs Up ETF Development

    by Staff — Wednesday, July 18, 2001

    The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) today announced the creation of a new business unit that will specialize in ETF development to leverage its position as a global leader in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). AMEX ...Read More

  • John Spence

    Bank of New York Has ADR Index ETFs in the Works

    by John Spence — Monday, July 16, 2001

    Many institutional and retail investors like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for cheap exposure to foreign markets. Bank of NY wants to drive costs down even lower, and has filed an exemptive application with the ...Read More

  • Three New iShares for Tech Junkies

    by Staff — Thursday, July 12, 2001

    Barclays Global Investors (BGI) will launch three iShares ETFs tied to the following Goldman Sachs technology indexes: Networking, Semiconductors, and Software. They will begin trading on the American Stock ...Read More

  • John Spence

    E*Trade Gets Dinged by NASD for Tech Index Fund Ad

    by John Spence — Monday, July 9, 2001

    Remember those online broker television ads of yesteryear that led you to believe that stock picking was so easy that even ADD-afflicted office punks and altruistic truck drivers could point-and-click their ...Read More

  • Eugene F. Fama Jr, Vice President DFA

    What Makes an Asset Class?

    by Eugene Fama Jr. — Sunday, July 1, 2001

    Sometimes NASDAQ is referred to as an asset class, but it's not. It's an exchange that contains several asset classes. A partial index of NASDAQ stocks might proxy for a tech stock "asset class"—but there's ...Read More

  • Vanguard Files to Launch Extended Market ETF

    by Staff — Friday, June 29, 2001

    Indexing giant Vanguard today filed with the SEC to launch an extended market exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to the Wilshire 4500 index. As with the recently-released Total Stock Market VIPERs (Vanguard Index ...Read More

  • John Spence

    Paradise Lost? - S&P 500 Gets Ripped

    by John Spence — Wednesday, June 27, 2001

    A recent Money magazine article by mutual fund columnist Jason Zweig ("Is the S&P 500 rigged?") has managed to put a fright into at least a few of the investors who have an estimated $1 trillion in index funds ...Read More

  • From Our Canadian Bureau: iUnits Distributions

    by Dan Hallett — Thursday, June 21, 2001

    Barclays Global Investors (BGI) announced this week estimated distributions for its Canadian based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), known as iUnits. Unitholders of record as of June 27, 2001 will receive the ...Read More

  • AMEX and Tokyo Exchange to Cross-List ETFs

    by Staff — Tuesday, June 19, 2001

    The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange inked a deal today to cross-list and trade U.S. and Japanese exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The alliance is the latest move by AMEX to set up a ...Read More

  • S&P Launches Global Sector Indexes in Australia

    by Staff — Wednesday, June 13, 2001

    Standard & Poor's (S&P) will begin live dissemination of real-time global sector indexes in Australia on June 25. S&P will launch 12 sector indexes from the broad Australia S&P/ASX 200 index, which covers ...Read More

  • Standard & Poor's to Design Stock Baskets for E*Trade

    by Staff — Monday, June 4, 2001

    In a development that underscores the growing popularity of stock baskets offered by online brokers, index provider Standard & Poor's (S&P) has inked a letter of intent with E*Trade to create custom "folios." ...Read More

  • State Street Launches Amsterdam ETF

    by Staff — Friday, June 1, 2001

    An exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the the AEX Index, a cap-weighted index comprised of 25 leading stocks traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, began trading Wednesday, 5/30/2001. The new ETF, called the ...Read More

  • Jim Wiandt

    Cross-Listed Equities Arrive

    by Jim Wiandt — Thursday, May 31, 2001

    The Deutsche Boerse and Eurex announced plans to cross-list 200 of the most liquid U.S. equities and derivatives. Trading is scheduled to begin in September on the Xetra platform. ...Read More

  • From Our Canadian Bureau: New iUnits S&P 500 ETF

    by Dan Hallett — Thursday, May 24, 2001

    After a long delay, Barclays Global Investors officially announced the launch of its much anticipated fully RRSP-eligible exchange-traded fund (ETF) tracking the S&P 500 index. One might wonder why all the ...Read More

  • Jim Wiandt

    Vanguard Poised to Move on VIPERs Launch

    by Jim Wiandt — Thursday, May 17, 2001

    Despite a jarring legal defeat that has left the launch of its S&P 500 VIPERs in doubt, the Vanguard Group intends to move forward in launching its Total Stock Market VIPERs. Vanguard plans to commence trading ...Read More

  • Holy Land Gets Its First Index Fund

    by Aviya Kushner — Wednesday, May 9, 2001

    "Profits in the Land of the Prophets." That's the catchy slogan plastered across ads for the first-ever Israel index fund, Amidex 35, which was launched in June 1999. But can it actually be true? For many ...Read More

  • SEC Conducts Online Investor Survey

    by Staff — Wednesday, May 9, 2001

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is performing an online survey to learn more about how investors are utilizing the Internet as an information resource when making important investment decisions. ...Read More

  • Vanguard to Implement New Online Tools

    by Sharon Rockey — Monday, May 7, 2001

    Vanguard's online brokerage service is set to include "Consolidated View," a one-stop simple approach where shareholders can manage all their financial assets online. The account aggregation tool was developed ...Read More

  • John Spence

    Japan Gives Green Light On ETFs

    by John Spence — Wednesday, May 2, 2001

    Japan has finally given the official go-ahead on exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Exchange-traded funds have experienced explosive growth in the ...Read More

  • Jim Wiandt

    S&P Prevails - Vanguard Loses Landmark Lawsuit

    by Jim Wiandt — Thursday, April 26, 2001

    The judgment is in. Standard & Poor's prevailed over The Vanguard Group in a closely-watched lawsuit. According to a statement released by Standard & Poor's parent company, McGraw Hill Companies, U.S. District ...Read More

  • Why Invest Overseas At All?

    by Sam Henry — Wednesday, April 25, 2001

    Before you buy an international index fund, you might ask whether it makes sense to invest overseas at all. Although this is a complicated question, it seems pretty clear that the increased diversification and ...Read More

  • John Spence

    Upcoming Retail HOLDRs Look Familiar

    by John Spence — Monday, April 23, 2001

    More and more individual investors are recognizing the benefits that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and HOLDRs offer as a cheap way to gain exposure to different sectors of the economy. However, as with ...Read More

  • Netfolio: New Kid on the "Do-It-Yourself" Block

    by Sharon Rockey — Friday, April 20, 2001

    When the mutual fund industry's key lobbying organization kicks up a fuss with the SEC about those newfangled investor-managed stock portfolios, you can bet it's because somebody's feeling threatened. Netfolio ...Read More