The IFA Index Calculator (304,569 Monthly Returns)

Compare the past risk and return of your current investments to the IFA Individualized Index Portfolio recommended at the end of your Risk Capacity Survey, the S&P 500 Simulated Index, or 20 other IFA indexes.

The data provided in all charts and calculations on this page is hypothetical backtested performance and is not actual client performance. Only data for the IFA Index Portfolios is shown net of IFA's highest advisory fee and the underlying mutual fund expenses. All other data, including the IFA Indexes, does not reflect a deduction of advisory fees. None of the data reflects trading costs or taxes, which would have lowered performance by these costs. See more important disclosures at

(Reduces risk one Index Portfolio each year.)
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  • When IFA Indexes are shown in IFA Index Portfolios, all returns data reflects a deduction of 0.9% annual investment advisory fee, which is the maximum IFA fee. Your fee may be less depending on assets under management at IFA. Fee reductions can be reflected in the calculator by selecting "Addition" in the drop down menu in Section 5, and setting the Percentage amount to the difference from 0.9%. So a fee of 0.8% could be calculated by adding 0.1%. Unless indicated otherwise, data shown for each individual IFA Index is shown without a deduction of the IFA advisory fee. We choose this method because the creation, choice, monitoring and rebalancing of diversified index portfolios are the services of the independent investment advisor and at that point the fees are appropriate to deduct from the whole portfolio returns. Since we accept no fees from investment product firms, IFA compares index funds based on net asset value returns, which are net of the mutual fund company expense ratios only.

  • The annualized standard deviation number is presented as an approximation by multiplying the monthly standard deviation by the square root of twelve (3.464), the number of periods in a year. Note that the standard deviation computed from annual data may differ materially from this estimate. Returns of the twenty IFA Index Portfolios are shown net of IFA and DFA fees, and returns of the fifteen IFA indexes are shown net of DFA fees only. IFA Indexes have been constructed net of typical mutual fund fees. Backtested performance is hypothetical (it does not reflect trading in actual accounts) and is provided for informational purposes to indicate historical performance had the Index Portfolios been available over the relevant period. IFA did not offer the Index Portfolios until November 1999. For a complete explanation of backtested performance, please visit .

  • After-tax returns are net of federal taxes only, and they exclude the impact of capital gains resulting from liquidation and rebalancing. Where possible, the after-tax returns supplied by DFA for the standard (non-tax-managed) funds are shown. These returns can be materially different from actual after-tax returns experienced by clients with tax-managed funds. The primary purpose of having this data on the returns calculator is to facilitate an estimate of the impact of federal taxes on returns. For periods prior to the existence of the DFA mutual funds, the pre-tax returns of the IFA Indexes with an estimated adjustment for the impact of taxes are used. A 35% rate is applied to distributions of interest income and short-term capital gains. A 15% rate is applied to distributions of qualified dividends and long-term capital gains. After-tax returns are not available for the first 11 months of current year, because the majority of the tax impact occurs in December, due to capital gains and dividend distributions.

  • Both percentage and dollar amount addition or withdrawals are assumed to occur monthly at the end of each month.

  • IFA Index and Index Portfolio data based on starting value of one, as of Jan 1, 1928 using 0.90% Advisory Fees. Sources and Disclosures:, &

  • When inflation-adjusted returns or cash flows are utilized. Actual CPI data for recent months may not yet be available. If so, then the CPI change for the most recent month of actual data will be replicated to subsequent months.