The customized Plan Sponsor services are designed to guide you, alleviate the administrative burden and provide ongoing support, monitoring, governance and communication to help ensure plan success.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

An IFA Wealth Advisor is committed to the highest standard of care for you, your organization and your plan participants. As your central point of contact, IFA acts as your quarterback to ensure all moving pieces and involved parties are aligned.

Service Provider Management

An IFA retirement plan brings together the flexibility of unbundled retirement service providers with leadership that delivers the convenience found in a bundled plan. IFA’s “Unbundled Bundled” approach provides unbiased, industry-leading providers and competitive pricing. These industry-leading partners are selected and monitored for their outstanding service capabilities, competitive costs and shared commitment to excellence for both plan sponsors and plan participants.

Your service provider selection process should be diligent and personalized to the organization’s needs. Not every service provider is right for your plan. IFA is able to guide you to the “best-fit” service partners, as well as assist in the contract negotiations, transition process and/or conversion support and benchmarking of fees and services and plan participants.

Investment Selection & Monitoring

IFA provides a prudent investment selection process coupled with a disciplined approach to long-term performance creating a powerful retirement investment platform that suits the needs of any investor through the choice of Risk-Based Index Portfolios, Target Date Index Portfolios or Build-your-own Index Portfolios.

Investment Reporting

A primary element of fulfilling the fiduciary duty of the advisor is to provide a robust and straightforward investment monitoring program. IFA’s Quarterly Performance Monitoring report provides fund performance data for the investments in the plan as well as performance of relevant benchmarks.

Plan Governance

As your investment advisor, IFA will ensure that all tasks are completed compliantly and with the greatest efficiency. From determining plan objectives, structure, requirements and disclosures to establishing the investment policy statement, fiduciary best practices and participant communications – we’ve got it covered.

Plan Communications & Participation

IFA provides a full-suite of tools and resources to help support the process, set standards, ensure compliance and achieve maximum participation:

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Enrollment Kit
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Plan Governance
Tool Kit

Request a Complimentary Fee Proposal

An IFA 401(k) offers a fully transparent suite of services for a reasonable fee. How does an IFA 401(k) stack up for your business? Let IFA show you a comprehensive preliminary fee proposal based on just a few simple questions

Retirement Plan Solutions Brochure

The IFA Retirement Plan Solutions Brochure includes an overview of IFA’s guided, simple and transparent plans and valuable service options available to Plan Sponsors.