Plan Participants

IFA is dedicated to providing easy-to-understand and efficient retirement plan investment solutions that assist employees in securing their long-term financial success.

The personalized Plan Participant services are designed to advise and educate employees on the importance of saving for retirement as well as provide intuitive tools and materials to educate and assist them on their road to retirement.

Quick Guide to IFA Index Portfolio Selection

Age Profile Risk Profile Stock/Bond Index Portfolio
Only High Risk Investors Most Aggressive 100% / 0% IFA Index Portfolio 100
Age 20 to 29 Aggressive 90% / 10% IFA Index Portfolio 90
Age 30 to 39 Aggressive 80% / 20% IFA Index Portfolio 80
Age 40 to 49 Moderately Aggressive 70% / 30% IFA Index Portfolio 70
Age 50 to 59 Moderately Aggressive 60% / 40% IFA Index Portfolio 60
Age 60 to 69 Moderate 50% / 50% IFA Index Portfolio 50
Age 70 to 79 Moderately Conservative 40% / 60% IFA Index Portfolio 40
Only Low Risk Investors Moderately Conservative 30% / 70% IFA Index Portfolio 30
Only Low Risk Investors Conservative 20% / 80% IFA Index Portfolio 20
Only Low Risk Investors Risk Averse 10% / 90% IFA Index Portfolio 10

Proper Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of the most important determinants of investor success. Renowned investing expert Roger Ibbotson identified that more than 100% of variability of a fund’s investment return is due to asset allocation. Participants who have the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding appropriate asset allocation and ten risk-calibrated index portfolios may significantly improve their odds of investing success.

Easy Enrollment

Standardized and customized enrollment kits, group enrollment and investment education meetings allow for a streamlined and efficient enrollment process.

One-On-One Advice

Your employees will be able to meet with an experienced IFA Wealth Advisor who can guide them through the investment process, including appropriate portfolio selection, emotions management and subsequent retirement readiness reviews.

Ongoing Investor Education

IFA is dedicated to educating your employees on the benefits of saving for retirement. IFA provides many different educational outlets of investment information to support investors on their journey including:

Explore Your Investment Options

IFA provides a prudent investment selection process coupled with a disciplined approach to long-term performance creating a powerful retirement investment platform that suits the needs of any investor through three portfolio options.