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IFA provides a prudent investment selection process coupled with a disciplined approach to long-term performance creating a powerful retirement investment platform that suits the needs of any investor through the following portfolio options:

Risk Based Tile Chart
Risk-Based Index Portfolios
Target Date Index Portfolio Tile Chart
Target Date Index Portfolios
Build Your Own Index Portfiolio Tile Chart
Build Your Own
Index Portfolio

IFA Index Portfolios (Risk-Based)

IFA's 100 Index Portfolios are globally diversified across 45 countries and over 13,000 companies, and, built in accordance with Nobel Prize winning research and evidence-based analysis of historic stock market data.

IFA’s asset allocation models are designed to capture the six dimensions of risk exposures that have shown to reward investors over very long periods of time and match them with their individual risk capacity. General asset allocations for 10 of these portfolios are presented below. The portfolios are labeled 10 through 100 in ten-point increments. IFA Index Portfolio 10, which has the lowest expected risk and return, is tilted toward fixed income with a minor investment in stock. Conversely, IFA Index Portfolio 100, which has the highest expected risk and return, has no fixed income and the stock indexes are tilted toward small and value companies in the U.S. and international markets.

IFA Target Date Index Portfolios

Target Date Index Portfolios are an appropriate investments option because they provide a risk appropriate one-step solution.

They are designed to be a buy-and-hold, lifetime investment.

Investors only need to select the target date that is closest to the year they plan to retire. These strategies enable investors to invest in a risk reducing series of globally diversified asset allocations of stocks and bonds that is appropriate for them. The portfolios automatically reduce risk over time by decreasing the allocation to stocks.

IFA Build Your Own Index Portfolio

Among the fund options offered by IFA, the option is available for the investors who would like to build their own portfolio asset allocation.

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