Fiduciary Partner

A business owner assumes a number of duties, along with personal liability, when overseeing a retirement plan. Fortunately, IFA acts as a 3(38) investment fiduciary, accepting liability and responsibility for the selection, monitoring and replacement of passively managed index funds.

IFA is dedicated to complete plan transparency and an unobscured view of all fees and expenses. Trust is an important relationship component and as your fiduciary partner we are required to act only in the best interest of our clients.

Fees Matter

Hidden fees in other 401(k) plans can make it extremely challenging to identify the actual fees paid for services.

Conversely, IFA’s retirement plan solutions are offered on a fee-only basis with no hidden compensation or commissions, no revenue sharing and fees are agreed upon and clearly spelled out in our agreement.

IFA also provides institutional share class mutual funds not typically available to the general public, and on average, are less expensive than industry averages.

All of this translates into savings that are passed on to plan participants, which improves their chances of meeting their retirement goals.

Average Plan Cost as Percentage of Assets
Example of 50 Participants
& $2,500,000 in Assets
Total Plan Cost*
Source: 401k Average Book, 18th Edition, Chart 11.6
*As of September 30, 2017. The Total Plan Cost includes investment, recordkeeping, administration and trustee fees. The industry average total plan cost includes revenue sharing whereas the IFA fees do not. The IFA fees assume a fund expense ratio based on 50% of assets invested in the Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Fund at .15% and 50% of assets invested in IFA Index Portfolio 50 at .316%. The blended average expense ratio would then be .23%. IFA advisory fees are assumed to be .50%. And recordkeeping and administration fees are assumed to be .42%.

Request a Complimentary Fee Proposal

An IFA 401(k) offers a fully transparent suite of services for a reasonable fee. How does an IFA 401(k) stack up for your business? Let IFA show you a comprehensive preliminary fee proposal based on just a few simple questions