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7/11/2014Florida. In a state where so many come to retire, you'd hope they at least have a handle on their own state's pension plan.
9/25/2012Have Maryland state employees been ripped off?
Pension Gate
11/29/2011News this week: More municipal bankruptcies have been announced, leading us to ask whether pension plans are getting the returns that employees need to retire. IFA approached all 50 states to gather data on their state retirement systems in order to compar
CalPERS Update
4/30/2013Mark and Tom give the viewers a quick update on CalPERS.
Pillars of FInance
11/29/2011Renowned financial economist Kenneth French shares his views on the difficulty of picking the next winning manager. Mark Hebner and Tom Cock discuss a chart titled, "Evidence of a Lack of Stock Picking Skill among Managers," which analyzes the returns of 6
The Fired Beat the Hired
11/29/2011This segment features a study published in the Journal of Finance called, "The Selection and Termination of Investment Management Firms by Plan Sponsors" and two accompanying charts that show the returns of managers before and after they are hired by a pla
CalPERS News
10/9/2012Mark and Tom give their viewers an update on CalPERS.
Your Pension
9/25/2012Today, more companies are offering lump sums at retirement. Is this better than monthly payments?
A Real-Life Example
9/25/2012Mark looks at a real-life example of someone facing the decision of a lump sum or monthly payments using a Monte Carlo Simulation.
Ed Moslander
10/3/2013Mary Brunson speaks with Edward Moslander of TIAA-CREF about the current state of retirement savings in America.
Regulations of Retirement
1/23/2012Join Mark Hebner and Sarah Simoneaux as they talk about 401(k)s.