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3/25/2021Large institutional investors like pension funds, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds are looked to as thought leaders in portfolio management and asset allocation.
3/9/2021Seeing people around you pouring money into a hot fund that only seems to get hotter can make sticking with any previously well-thought-out investing strategy difficult.
1/7/2021At its core, managing wealth is about finding the best solutions for your clients.
12/15/2020The S&P 500 is an index of 500 US stocks that covers roughly 80% of the available US market capitalization.
12/15/2020The implications of market efficiency for investors are sweeping.
12/2/2020As fundamental as market efficiency is to good financial decision-making, it is poorly understood by most investors.
9/29/2020Many of Ben Felix's videos have concluded with some variation of "You're probably better off in low-cost market cap weighted index funds."
9/29/2020Can you beat Warren Buffett?
9/28/2020Ben Felix tells you why you should think carefully about owning small cap ETFs.
9/28/2020Ben Felix talks about owning individual stocks, and no, he's not going to tell you how to do it successfully. This is not that kind of video.
9/29/2020Factors are on the cutting edge of financial market research, but they are also being used to market products that may be detrimental to investors.
9/29/2020A value stock has a low price relative to some fundamental metric like book value or earnings.
9/29/2020Every now and then I hear the comment that index funds result in over-diversification.
9/29/2020With the increasing popularity of index funds, index creation has become big business.
9/29/2020We want to tell you why focusing on investing to generate income is a flawed strategy altogether.
9/29/2020Even in a stock-picking environment, there is no reason to believe that dividends, or the growth of dividends, would be an indication of a good stock to own.
9/29/2020It is easy for investors to see economic news, like unemployment or GDP data, and get worried or excited about the impact that it will have on their investments.
9/28/2020Bear markets are generally defined as a peak to trough decline of at least 20% in the stock market.
9/28/2020A lot of people are worried about how index funds might affect the integrity of the stock market.
9/28/2020It is common to think about risk in terms of total loss. You invest your money in a stock, things turn sour, and your money is gone.
9/28/2020Looking at past outcomes to evaluate investment decisions is not easy for a human to grasp.
9/28/2020Some of the world's largest companies have dominated stock market returns in recent history.
9/28/2020Gold is often cited as having a negative correlation with stocks and a positive correlation with inflation.
9/16/2020Stock picking and actively managed funds should be avoided like the plague.