IFA.tv - Updated 2015 Book: Index Funds - Show 147

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 7,676 views

Mark Hebner is on a mission to change the way the world invests — by replacing speculation with an education. The newly updated 2015 version of Index Funds: 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors packs hard data and hundreds of unique and colorful paintings, charts and graphs portraying historic stock market data all the way back to 1928. This is a quick, intelligent read and arguably the most artistic book ever written on investing. To purchase your copy the 2015 version: see the hard cover: IndexFundsBook.com, the Apple iBook here: IndexFundsiBook.com, the Kindle edition here: IndexFundsKindle.com  and the Nook edition here: IndexFundsNook.com.

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