IFA Index
Portfolio 100

Asset Allocation:

Stocks: 100%Bonds: 0%

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Stock to Bond
(100% Stocks / 0% Bonds)

Portfolio Allocation

IFA Indexes*
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Allocation (%)Number of Stocks & Bonds*Wtd Avg Mkt Cap (in $ Mill)*Wtd Avg Book to Market*
IFA US Large Company Index12.00508$76,2720.362389742920716
IFA US Large Cap Value Index12.00317$51,5540.602220991014863
IFA US Small Cap Index20.002,086$2,1590.5
IFA US Small Cap Value Index20.001,503$3,3130.7
IFA Global REIT Index5.00413$8,7660.525969756738987
IFA International Value Index6.00507$27,5741.05789880140066
IFA International Small Company Index6.004,219$1,5210.743787514782777
IFA International Small Cap Value Index6.002,244$1,3221.1916536577809
IFA Emerging Markets Index4.001,120$16,0390.645748713345689
IFA Emerging Markets Value Index4.002,244$7,2151.11234705228031
IFA Emerging Markets Small Cap Index5.003,536$8100.826897315891313
IFA One-Year Fixed Income Index0.00238N/AN/A
IFA Two-Year Global Fixed Income Index0.00174N/AN/A
IFA Short Term Government Index0.0023N/AN/A
IFA Five-Year Global Fixed Income Index0.00174N/AN/A
*As of Friday, September 30, 2016100.00%19,306$19,6670.67

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Time Diversification of NEW IFA Index Portfolio

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High-Median-Low Monthly Rolling Period Analysis IFA New Portfolios

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