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IFA has a fiduciary duty to its clients. This means we are legally obligated to put our client’s interests ahead of our own — even when it goes against our interests. We are paid exclusively by our clients for providing wealth management services including but not limited to ongoing fiduciary based advice, financial planning, selection & monitoring of investments, asset allocation & location strategies, rebalancing and tax loss harvesting. Through our IFA Taxes division, we provide collaborative tax advice, tax planning, accounting, bookkeeping and tax return services to individuals and businesses across the United States. IFA also helps clients establish and evaluate relationships with corporate or administrative trustees, estate planning attorneys and independent insurance advisors. For additional services available to IFA clients please visit our Services page.

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What's your Risk Capacity?

Calculating risk capacity is the first step to deciding which portfolio will generate optimal returns for each investor.

Each investor has a unique risk capacity and can be identified by a risk capacity score — a measure of
how much risk one can manage.

Determine Your Risk Capacity