IFA Gallery

IFA has a love for the arts, and we have commissioned several paintings by distinguished Russian artist, Lala Ragimov to tell the story of IFA, index funds and the pitfalls that accompany active investing.

Step 1: Active Investors
Monument Consecrated To Posterity
Active vs. Passive
12-Step Painting
The Siren Songs
Bear The Risk
Step 2: Nobel Laureates
A Devastating Conclusion
Watching Grass Grow
Invisible Hand
Whom Should You Trust
Wisdom of the Market
Harry Markowitz
Burton Malkiel
David Booth
Eugene Fama
Francis Galton
John Bogle
Kenneth French
Louis Bachelier
Merton Miller
Paul Samuelson
Rex Singuefield
William Sharpe
Adam Smith
Friedrich von Hayek
Step 3: Stock Pickers
Baked in the Cake
The Collective Brain
Dawn of Randomness
The Evolving Investor
Incubator Bias
Silent Partners
Needle in Haystack
Stock Pickers Graveyard
Highway Monolith
The Big Casino
Step 4: Time Pickers
Lady Fortuna
Market Forces
Step 5: Manager Pickers
Track Record
Benchmark Your Portfolio
The Alpha Myth
Step 6: Style Drifters
Step 7: Silent Partners
Sad Uncle Sam
Step 8: Riskese
Default Risk Factor
Market Risk Factor
Size Risk Factor
Value Risk Factor
Term Risk Factor
Step 9: History
Step 10: Risk Capacity
Nest Egg Retirement
Index Portfolio 100
Index Portfolio 95
Index Portfolio 90
Index Portfolio 85
Index Portfolio 80
Index Portfolio 75
Index Portfolio 70
Index Portfolio 65
Index Portfolio 60
Index Portfolio 55
Index Portfolio 50
Index Portfolio 45
Index Portfolio 40
Index Portfolio 35
Index Portfolio 30
Index Portfolio 25
Index Portfolio 20
Index Portfolio 15
Index Portfolio 10
Index Portfolio 5
Step 11: Risk Exposure
Sunny and Raining
Step 12: Invest and Relax
Asset Location
Speculation Blues
Tax Loss Harvester
Stay The Course
Harry Markowitz
Carl Jung
Abraham de Moivre
Alfred Cowles
Alfred Nobel
Blaise Pascal
Brad Barber
Burton Malkiel
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Charles Ellis
Charles H. Dow
Charles Trzcinka
Daniel Kahnerman
David Booth
David Swensen
Evel Knievel
Francis Galton
Gary Belsky
H.G. Wells
Harry Truman
Isaac Newton
Jason Zwieg
John Bogle
John Langbein
Karl Pearson
Keith Ambachtsheer
Kenneth French
Louis Bachelier
Mark Hulbert
Mark Twain
Matt Krantz
Merton Miller
Michael Jensen
Miguel de Cervantes
Milton Friedman
Patrick Henry
Paul Merriman
Paul Samuelson
Peter L. Bern
Rex Singuefield
Richard Thaler
Robert Arnot
Roger Ibbotson
Ron Ross
Ron Surz
Terrance Odean
Theodore Aronson
Warren Weaver
William Bernstein
William Sharpe
Zvi Bodie
Mark Hebner
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Marquis de Laplace
Adam Smith
Craig Israelsen
James L. Davis
James P. Garland
Patricia C. Dunn
Robert Barker
Rosanne Pane
Robert Zutz
Friedrich von Hayek
Bethany McLean
Eugene Fama
Russell Wermers
Benjamin Graham
Eugene Fama Jr
Franco Modigiliani
James Tobin
Susan Dziubinski
John J. Bowen