Estate Plan Analysis

Through our relationship with the Vanilla estate planning platform, IFA will provide the following estate analysis services:

  • Review of & recommendations for existing estate plans
  • Proactive estate monitoring & opportunity identification

A basic review of a client’s existing estate plan is included as part of the IFA management fee. Some estate plans are more complex and will require a more in-depth analysis. There will be additional costs incurred by the client for these complex estate plan reviews. Consult your IFA Wealth Advisor to determine if your current estate qualifies for a basic or complex review.

The report provided to the client following a basic estate plan analysis will feature the following:

  • Current financial and family review
  • Estate document checklist
  • Trust Fiduciaries including successor trustees (if applicable)
  • Will Fiduciaries including executor and successor executor(s)
  • Powers of Attorneys including attorneys-in-fact and successor attorneys-in-fact
  • Advance Healthcare Directive Review
  • Waterfall analysis outlining beneficiaries and the assets they will receive
  • Opportunities to improve your existing estate plan
Download Sample Estate Plan Report