Denise Delaney

Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor, CFP®
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Advisors ranked using an algorithm designed to fairly compare the business practices of a large group of advisors based on quantitative and qualitative elements. Data are weighted to ensure priorities are given to dynamics such as preferred “best practices”, business models, recent business activity, etc. Each variable is graded and represents a certain value for each measured component. These data are fed into an algorithm that measures thousands of advisors against each other. Ranking is not indicative of future performance.

Client Services Specialist

Adriana Ise

Phone: 949-428-0444

As a Senior Vice President, CFP® and Wealth Advisor with Index Fund Advisors, I understand that each client has a unique approach to how they address their financial needs and goals. Clients also learn about and understand investments differently; their approach to the decision making process also varies.

Being a good listener leads to comprehensive discussions with them about all aspects of their financial lives which is paramount to investment success.

An enormous library of resources about the benefits associated with a passive investment strategy allows me to help educate clients and their families during our discussions. As a central resource to clients, the confusion and high costs often resulting from working with multiple professionals can potentially be minimized. Clients have come to appreciate this approach, which helps create peace of mind and relaxation.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Late life planning — working with investors who are in the later stages of life and may require complex financial, estate, and long-term care planning needs
  • Wealth transfer including working with heirs to help ensure that all financial and life-related needs and decisions are met as efficiently as possible both in terms of cost and continuity options
  • Retirement solutions including the ability to construct highly-diversified, low cost 401(k) solutions for companies of all sizes

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) accreditation in 1995.

As a supporter and volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for over 20 years, I offer investment education workshops to the club’s kids and offer portfolio management for individual club endowments.

What's your Risk Capacity?

Calculating risk capacity is the first step to deciding which portfolio will generate optimal returns for each investor.

Each investor has a unique risk capacity and can be identified by a risk capacity score — a measure of
how much risk one can manage.

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