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The Intelligent Investor


Author: Benjamin Graham

Publisher: HarperBusiness

Year Printed: 1973

Edition: Fourth

Printing: First

Condition: Very Good

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Pages: 291

Height: 8 inches

Width: 5.5 inches

Notes: Over the years, market developments have proven the wisdom of Graham's strategies. While preserving the integrity of Graham's original text, this revised edition includes updated commentary by noted financial journalist Jason Zweig, whose perspective incorporates the realities of today's market, draws parallels between Graham's examples and today's financial headlines, and gives readers a more thorough understanding of how to apply Graham's principles.
Quotes: "By far the best book on investing ever written" - Warren E. Buffet.
"... it is absurd to think that the general public can ever make money out of market forecasts." page 96

“Ironically enough, the aggregate of profits accruing from this single investment decision far exceeded the sum of all the others realized through 20 years of wide-ranging operations in the partners’ specialized fields, involving much investigation, endless pondering, and countless individual decisions. Are there morals to this story of value to the intelligent investor? [One] is that one lucky break, or one supremely shrewd decision — can we tell them apart? — may count for more than a lifetime of journeyman efforts.” (The Intelligent Investor, 4th revised edition, Postscript, pg. 289)