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Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy


Author: Charles Austin Beard

Publisher: The Macmillan Company

Year Printed: 1915

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Good

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Pages: 474

Height: 9 inches

Width: 6.25 inches

Notes: Hardcover - 6 3/4"x9" - This hardbound collectible book, Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy, was written by Charles A. Beard, and published by the MacMillan Company in September 1915. It is a first edition, although not stated; the copyright is also 1915. The copy is in very good condition. The gilt lettering on the spine is a little faded. The binding and pages are all intact. There is little wear on the covers. With the exception of the backsides of the covers and first couple of end pages showing spots, the book is very clean. A little wear shows on the top and bottom of spine and cover corners. There is an owner's name on the title page, but no other markings in book. There are no torn, missing or dog-eared pages. There is a Preface by Professor Beard of Columbia University and a Table of Contents. The actual work is 467 pages, plus an index, and several pages advertising works by the same author. A valuable tool for researching political history on the adoption of the U. S. Constitution the contents read: The Federalist-Republican Antagonism and the Conflict Over the Constitution The Party Affiliation of the Members of the Convention The Personnel of the First Administration The Constitution in Operation Hamilton's System Before Congress Security Holding and Politics The Economic Conflict as Reflected in Republican Literature The Federalist Analysis of the Party Conflict Anti-Federalist Resistance to Taxation The Economics of the Jay Treaty The Political Economy of John Adams The Politics of Agrarianism The Great Battle of 1800 Jefferson's Economics and Politics