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Fools of Fortune or Gambling and Gamblers


Author: John Philip Quinn

Publisher: The Anti-Gambling Association

Year Printed: 1895

Edition: Second

Printing: Third

Condition: Good

eBook: Internet Archive

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Pages: 640

Height: 9.5 inches

Width: 7.25 inches

Notes: Large book bound in brown cloth with silver stamping on the cover. Comprehending a history of the vice in ancient and modern times, and in both hemispheres; an exposition of its alarming prevalence and destructive effects; with an unreserved and exhaustive disclosure of such frauds, tricks and devices as are practiced by "Professional" gamblers, "Confidence Men" and "Bunko Steerers."
Quotes: From preface: "Of all the vices which have enslaved mankind, none can reckon among its victims so many as gambling."