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True or False Finance


Author: Alexander Johnson, A Tax-Payer

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons The Nickerbroker Press

Year Printed: 1888

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Fine

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Pages: 41

Height: 7.75 inches

Width: 5.25 inches

Notes: Excellent condition. This is from a series of pamphlets titled Questions of the Day.
Page 21 - That justice and sound policy forbid the federal government to foster one branch of industry to the detriment of another, or to cherish the interests of one portion to the injury of another portion of our common country...
Page 46 - Why We Trade, and How We Trade ; or an Enquiry into the Extent to which the existing Commercial and Fiscal Policy of the United States Restricts the Material Prosperity and Development of the Country. By DAVID A. WELLS. 8vo, paper, 25 cents. II. The Silver Question. The Dollar of the Fathers versus the Dollar of the Sons.
Page 22 - House taxes on fewer imported articles, bearing heaviest on articles of luxury, and bearing lightest on articles of necessity. We, therefore, denounce the abuses of the existing tariff ; and subject to the preceding limitations, we demand that Federal taxation shall be exclusively for public purposes, and shall not exceed the needs of the Government economically administered. The system of direct taxation known as the