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Safe Methods of Stock Speculation


Author: William Young Stafford

Publisher: Frederick J. Drake & Company

Year Printed: 1902

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Good

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Pages: 103

Height: 7 inches

Width: 4.6 inches


The front cover has some stains depict the classic man reading the ticker machine with the quotation board in the background. The pages are clean and the binding is sound.

Containing Practical Information Of The Methods Used By Which The Wall Street Millionaires Have Amassed Vast Fortunes, Filched From The Public, And Explaining Fully Matters Regarding Manipulations That Have Heretofore Remained A Secret. 

Contents: Stock Speculation; Manipulation; "Bull Market"; "Bear Market"; Panic of May 9, 1901; How Formation of Northern Securities Became Necessary; How To Speculate Successfully; Summing Up The Last Decade; Board of Trade Speculation; Swindlers & Confidence Men; Stock-Broker Judas; Market Vocabulary.