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Newsweek, August 7, 1995: Who Deserves to Die


Author: Jane Bryant Quinn for Article of Interest

Publisher: Newsweek

Year Printed: 1995

Condition: Good

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Pages: 69

Height: 10.5 inches

Width: 8 inches

Notes: This is a famous article because it is the namesake in various forms of Weston Wellington speeches for more than 15 years. Weston is a Vice Presidient at Dimensional Fund Advisors and one of their top rated speakers. The idea of the personal-finance press tickling our prurient financial interest is one the resonated with Weston and he has honored this article several times a month as he travels the world educating investor advisors and their clients on the alluring and inaccurrate representations made by the financial media across the world. Weston has apperared on more than ten times. You can view them HERE. Jane Bryant Quinn also wrote an article on Indexing on April 16, 1995, titled Indexing: For Winners Only.
Quotes: “Mainline magazines—including Newsweek’s monthly section “Focus: On Your Money”—rarely descend to hard-core porn. That’s what you get from the greedy gurus on cable TV or the cruising shysters of the Internet…We of the quality-media crowd specialize in soft-core porn, which means that we tease you without quite going all the way.”

“Readers who keep buying the hot funds that are profiled each month are showing more fund envy than common sense…There are other things besides Smart Money to take to bed.”