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John Bogle and the Vanguard Experiment: One Man's Quest to Transform the Mutual Fund Industry


Author: Robert Slater

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Year Printed: 1997

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Good

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Pages: 270

Height: 9.2 inches

Width: 6.2 inches

Notes: The first authorized inside look at a major mutual fund company! Vanguard is, in the eyes of man, the most influential mutual fund company in America. Now the Vanguard Experiment chronicles Vanguard--from startup in 1975 to the second-largest mutual fund company in the nation today and the industry's number one sercice firm--reveals how John c. bogle, Chairman of the Vanguard Group, realized his remarkable vision to build a company with over $160 billion in assets and a reputation for keeping costs low and putting the interests of the investor first.