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The Prudent Investor's Guide to Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game


Author: John J. Bowen and Daniel C. Goldie

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Year Printed: 1998

Edition: Second

Printing: First

Condition: Very Good

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Pages: 178

Height: 9.75 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

Notes: Hardcover; Dust Jacket

"Timely and practical. This book brings the leading edge of investment information to the prudent investor in an understandable way." - Charles Schwab, Chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation. "to write a book like this on Modern Portfolio Theory and make it understandable would be a very difficult job. John Bowen went ahead and did it. Congratulations." - Merton Miller, Nobel Laureate in Economics. Individual investors today must fend for themselves as they seize control of their own portfolios. In this authoritative and ill-researched book, investors learn how to simply and effectively use popular asset allocation strategies - in combinations with mutual funds - to greatly increase their returns. The reader is walked step-by-step through a low-risk, high-return approach using modelportfolios and case histories, plus timely information on emerging markets, tax-saving moves, annuity products, and more.