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Modern Investment Management and The Prudent Man Rule


Author: Bevis Longstreth

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year Printed: 1986

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Good

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Pages: 275

Height: 9.5 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

Notes: Hardcover; Dust Jacket

Drawing on financial history, a major opinion survey of institutional investors, and comprehensive reviews of the law and of the lessons of modern portfolio theory for prudence, this book presents a powerful case that the prudent man rule as elaborated in legal treatises and much of the case law would virtually compel a fiduciary to act imprudently in terms of financial theory and marketplace reality. In proposing a modern paradigm of investment prudence, the book uses illustrations drawn from such traditionally suspect categories of investment fiduciaries as securities lending, real estate, venture capital, options and futures and repurchaser agreements.