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The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing


Author: J.M. Hurst

Publisher: Prentice-Hall

Year Printed: 1974

Edition: First

Printing: Eighth

Condition: Fine

eBook: None

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Pages: 223

Height: 11 inches

Width: 8.25 inches

Notes: Paperback

You will be exposed to: a concept of profit maximization; a model of stock price motion with prediction implications; an explanation of why chart patterns form---and how to use this knowledge to your profit; step-by-step methods for using the price-motion model to generate definite "wait," "buy," "hold," "sell," "sell short," "cover short," and "protect profit" signals; an explanation of why moving averages work and how to design your own for use in transaction timing; a complete trading method: how to select issues, how to analyze them for action signals, and how to improve your chances of turning and keeping a profit.