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Winning With Index Mutual Funds: How to Beat Wall Street at its Own Game


Author: Jerry Tweddell and Jack Pierce

Publisher: American Management Association

Year Printed: 1997

Edition: First

Printing: First

Condition: Good

eBook: None

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Pages: 194

Height: 9.25 inches

Width: 6.25 inches

Notes: The authors cut through the maze of 6,000 mutual funds with a clear explanation of what indexing is and why it works. Investors will discover how to use index funds in a lifetime asset allocation plan, as a way to rebalance their portfolio, or even for auto-pilot buy and hold investing. The book supplies a list of index fund rankings, the first such directory of available funds, a roster of recommended funds, and plently of suggestions on avoiding the expensive experts. Readers will also find a Tweddell/Pierce Master Model Portfolio to help them index their own investments.