Your Wealth Advisor: The Educator and the Coach

“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler” – Albert Einstein

The role of a Wealth Advisor is constantly evolving. Most of our parents remember the days where the majority of “advisors” were simply stockbrokers who earned their living pocketing the commissions off of getting people invested in the stock market. As the financial industry changed as well as growth of wealth in the United States, so did the need for a more well rounded professional to assist investors with their financial affairs.

Speaking as a professional, there is a lot more that goes into creating successful investment experiences for my clients than just setting up their personal financial plan. I believe that a wealth advisor in today’s world has to go beyond their financial acumen and extend into the roles of the educator and the coach.

Being a successful investor requires discipline and discipline in anything requires both knowledge and practice. As Sir Francis Bacon famously said, “knowledge is power,” and in the context of personal finance, knowledge gives investors the power to take control of their financial future. Market events serve as practice in exercising discipline in our long-term financial plan. As coaches we must guide our clients through these unnerving times so that they do not become their own worst enemies.

But there is an art to educating. In a recent article published in Financial Advisor IQ, Tennessee based financial advisor Bo Hanson put it well, “advisors have a habit of making things too complicated. We try to simplify things without dumbing them down.”

In fact, I believe the ability to teach the more complex nuances of investing through an easy-to-understand approach is what distinguishes an excellent advisor from a good advisor. Further, understanding that investors learn in many different ways allows you to be creative in how you spread knowledge to as many investors as possible.

For over 17 years, Index Fund Advisors has prioritized the educating of our clients. We have organized the investment process into a 12-Step program that we coined “the 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors.” With over 1,400 articles, 329 videos, 714 charts, 322 academic resources, 2,342 financial books, and 165 individual paintings, we have taken our role as the educator very seriously.

A great place to start building your own investment acumen is with the following 4 articles:

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