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Disclaimer: This article contains information that was factual and accurate as of the original published date listed on the article. Investors may find some or all of the content of this article beneficial but should be aware that some or all of the information may no longer be accurate. The information and/or data in this article should be verified prior to relying on it when making investment decisions. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this article please call IFA at 888-643-3133.

Report Acess Banner

Index Fund Advisors has always put our clients first. Whether it comes to investment advice, overall wealth management, a dedicated service team, or technological solutions to help with financial planning, we are all about making our client experience the best in the world.

Within the same vein, we have recently launched our new IFA Report Access portal for our clients. This new portal will allow clients to access information such as performance reports, invoices, and transaction data online. Our aim was to bring convenience and timeliness to clients. This leads to better discussions between the client and their IFA Wealth Advisor, as well as more transparency in terms of transactions taken in each client’s portfolio.

Here is an overview on how to use the portal and its features.

Step 1:

Go to and click on the “Login” button in the top right hand corner of the home page.


Step 2:

You will then be taken to our general login page. You will want to click on the following:

Protecting valuable client information is of the upmost importance to IFA. In today’s cyberworld, being over-cautious than under-cautious is warranted. For those clients who are interested in reading our security policy for the IFA Report Access portal, you can click on the link below the “Login” button tilted “Security”

Step 3:

Clients have already been notified of their username via email. If you cannot find the initial email or have forgotten either your username or your password, you can follow the link shown below and follow the prompt to retrieve your username and/or password:

Step 4:

Once you have gained access to your portal, you will be able to access your performance report on a monthly basis as well as old performance reports dating back to January 2014. Should you need access to performance reports from periods before January 2014, you may contact either your IFA Wealth Advisor or Client Service Specialist. Clients will also be able to access invoices since January 2014, update their portal password, browse the latest education material produced by IFA, and have direct access to All reports besides Transaction Reports are downloaded via PDF.

Special Features for Performance Reports

When clients initially click on “Performance Reports” on the top ribbon they will be taken to a landing page that shows performance reports for ALL of the client’s portfolios starting with the most recent. Clients can filter their performance reports if they wish to only look at the performance reports for one of their portfolios by using the drop-down box shown below:

Special Features for Transaction Reports

When clients click on the “Transaction Reports” button on the top ribbon they will be taken to the following page:

Clients will be able to access the following reports:

  • Cashflows
  • Contributions
  • Income
  • Purchases
  • Portfolio Allocation
  • Sells
  • Withdrawals

Clients will again be able to filter by portfolio (if they have more than one portfolio with IFA), and adjust their date range to whichever days they would like to look at. Because IFA reconciles their portfolio accounting system daily, clients will be able to have day-to-day information of their portfolios.

Password Change

Should clients need to change their password, they may click on the “Profile” button on the top ribbon. They will be allowed to change to their password in the following field:

Paperless Delivery Enrollment

Although clients will have online access to their performance reports, invoices, and transaction reports, they will still receive their reports in the mail. If a client wishes to receive all documents via email, they can click on the following box under the “Profile” page:

Note, the client will need to read/scroll through the legal disclosure and click the “I have read and accept the above disclosure” box in order to click “Save.”

Should clients need any assistance with accessing the IFA Report Access portal, they may contact their IFA Wealth Advisor or Client Service Specialist at 888-643-3133.