Active investor 2

Dear Recovering Financial Advisors

Active investor 2

I recently received this email from a long-time stockbroker who now works as a traditional financial advisor on the east coast:

Dear Mark-

I will try to be name is XXXX, and I'm a recovered stock broker...

After being beaten down by the "noise" of investment commentators, I had become (as recovering addicts would say) "Sick and tired of being sick and tired." Unfortunately, I am sitting on a barstool in an active manager's pub.

I am a believer in passive strategies in both philosophy and from observable evidence.

I am writing to see if you would consider adding a Wealth Manager on the East Coast.

The approach you've developed is what I recommend to everyone who will listen. It is core to my investment beliefs.

I would love to be part of your mission.

I've attached a resume. I hope you might consider me for your team.

Thank you.


This gentleman is not the only advisor out there who feels this way. Not only has the active management industry become increasingly powerful at locking in investors’ hard-earned savings, but it has also locked in the careers of many professionals. As this particular advisor put it, he is "sitting on a barstool in an active manager’s pub.” There is always the choice of going at it alone as an independent practitioner, but many of these professionals have families and reputations to consider when deciding to take such a big leap. And as an independent practitioner myself, I can speak from experience about the dedication and sacrifice that goes into building an advisory business.

When I started this business back in 1999, I had the simple vision of changing the way the world invests. I wanted to affect as many people as possible and bring this message to their doorstep so that they could have better financial futures. From the get-go I wanted to provide as much educational material to the masses in all forms of learning, whether it be articles, charts, videos, paintings, etc. These ideas started in the halls of academia, and the brilliant minds that helped develop modern finance as we know it, shared it with the world. I wanted to follow the same mission and share these ideas with the world, at no cost. To this day, you can still go on our website and browse any material that you want.

As of today, I have recruited a lot of financial advisors from around the country who share in this same mission. I have built a business that is easily scalable and can provide enough resources to anyone who is looking to apply the core principles of passive investing with their own clients.

For anyone who feels the same way as the gentleman who emailed me, don’t ever feel like you do not have a choice. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in furthering the IFA mission.


Mark T. Hebner