Saving Domino

How IFA's Planning Tools Can Help Your Financial Future

Saving Domino

In today's world, a robust retirement requires both a plan and convenience. Working with financial planning software like eMoney gives our clients access to both. Having all personal financial information in one location brings clarity to an already in-depth planning process that, at times, might seem overwhelming in its comprehensive and academic approach to tackling life's most pressing financial concerns.

Having access to IFA's technology platform and retirement planning resources also gives investors the chance to work with different tools that report as well as help illustrate different financial outcomes given the many possible paths their lives can take. These include:

  • A host of household and personal budgeting tools are part of our retirement planning menu of services. 
  • Account link access is also offered, which allows all personal banking, investment and insurance accounts to be located through a single "dashboard" view of such assets.
  • Personal financial statement reports (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, etc.) are a mainstay of tracking investments. 
  • A personal online "vault" where clients can securely maintain and access important financial and estate documents such as wills, insurance policies and other significant records. 
  • Calculators tied to Monte Carlo analysis are made available to help IFA clients assess the probabilities of reaching their financial goals using different inputs of personal assets and related data. 
  • Goal tracker technologies to make sure that a client's spending and saving needs are being met on an ongoing basis. 

Of course, when it comes to personal financial information, security is always a priority. We've designed IFA's retirement planning technology platform based on software that has impressed us for its emphasis on securing private documentation and information for investors. 

For more information and help with your personalized late life financial plan, please contact Denise Delaney at 949-428-0457 or [email protected]

This is not to be construed as an offer, solicitation, recommendation, or endorsement of any particular security, product or service. There are no guarantees investment strategies will be successful.  Investing involves risks, including possible loss of principal.