4th of July

Celebrate Financial Independence - Invest & Relax

4th of July

Over this coming holiday weekend, most of us will be thinking more about barbeques and bottle rockets than about freedom and independence. Cheers to those who fully partake in the uniquely American holiday. It’s with a grateful heart that I suggest we take a moment to think about both aspects of Independence Day.

In fact, while you spend a few minutes in sober reflection of the day’s meaning and the people who came before, also consider the freedom and independence that can come with taking charge of your financial future. By making the right financial decisions today, you can enjoy another kind of freedom – one based on confidence that today’s decisions can protect your tomorrows.

At Index Fund Advisors, our mission is to change the way the world invests. We don’t believe that you should have to hover over your account, worrying about every twist and turn in the market. Instead, you should have the confidence that comes from knowing you made the right decisions… decisions that last a lifetime. That kind of confidence comes from working with the right advisor that provides valued advice alongside the right firm that provides a full-service offering to complete your entire financial picture.

Instead of timing the market and picking stocks, our experienced advisors – who are fiduciaries and therefore required to act in your best interests rather than theirs – help you properly select and monitor an index portfolio designed to last a lifetime. Using our proprietary risk-capacity determination technology, an IFA Wealth Advisor will recommend an investment that is transparent and cost-effective, one that considers your tax situation and provides optimal returns for your specific circumstances.

To those who continue to chase returns based on timing the market and anticipating cycles, we wish all the best. But for those who seek freedom from the worry surrounding the financial markets, we welcome a conversation with you at IFA to learn how you can get on the road to financial independence and Invest & Relax.