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Vanguard Releases Cap Gains Estimates

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The Vanguard Group issued updated estimates of year-end capital gains distributions for its 54 equity and balanced funds.

Estimated cap gains distributions (% of net asset value) Number of funds
Over 10% of NAV 5 funds
5%-10% of NAV 11 funds
0%-4% of NAV 23 funds
No gains 15 funds

Source: The Vanguard Group

The five funds that Vanguard estimates to have capital gains distributions over 10% of their net asset value (NAV) include: Vanguard Explorer Fund, Vanguard US Growth Fund, Vanguard Windsor Fund, Vanguard Strategic Equity Fund, and Vanguard SmallCap Index Fund.

Vanguard also announced the publication of an information packet on mutual fund taxation, Taxes and Mutual Funds, which explains the basics of mutual fund taxes, how taxes can affect returns, and how to minimize the impact of taxes.