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Random Drift and Asset Allocation

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A doubling of the price-earnings ratio occurs when r-g is cut in half. If r-g is 6%, then the P/E ratio for a stock or index is 16.7. If r-g is 3%, then the P/E ratio is 33.3.

Since current forecasts call for a modest growth in corporate earnings, the drop in r-g for large cap stocks appears to be due to a reduction in the cost of capital rather than an increase in the growth rate of earnings. A sharp drop in the average cost of capital produces a large increase in stock prices.

In summary, all three of the Fama/French factor returns have long runs in performance. Over the last thirty-five years, the drift in factor returns is about what is to be expected from random walks.

The last four years has been a period of unusually good returns for large cap stocks, while being a normal period for small cap stocks. The strong relative performance is due in large part to a reduction in the average cost of capital for large cap stocks. Based on the current valuation ratios, small cap stocks have a "normal" expected return and large cap stocks have a "below normal" expected return. The expected premium return for small cap stocks is unusually high.

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July 1999