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Quarterly Distributions From The Vanguard Group

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The Vanguard Group declared quarterly distributions from ordinary net income, payable on September 24, 2001, to shareholders of record on September 20, 2001, as follows:

Fund                                                        Income Per Share

500 Index Fund Admiral Shares $0.335
500 Index Fund Investor Shares $0.320
Balanced Index Fund Admiral Shares $0.153
Balanced Index Fund Institutional Shares $0.156
Balanced Index Investor Shares $0.150
Convertible Securities $0.140
Equity Income Fund Admiral Shares* $0.257
Equity Income Fund Investor Shares* $0.120
Growth Index Fund Admiral Shares $0.048
Growth Index Fund Institutional Shares $0.053
Growth Index Fund Investor Shares $0.045
Inflation-Protected Securities $0.120
Institutional Index Fund Institutional Plus Shares $0.362
Institutional Total Stock Market Index Institutional Shares $0.050
Institutional Index Fund $0.355
Institutional Total Stock Market Index Institutional Plus Shares $0.050
LifeStrategy Conservative Growth $0.120
LifeStrategy Income Fund $0.140
REIT Index Fund $0.210
Tax-Managed Balanced Fund $0.120
Tax-Managed Growth & Income Institutional Shares $0.082
Tax-Managed Growth & Income $0.075
Total Stock Market VIPERs*** $0.315
Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares** $0.076
Total Stock Market Index Institutional Shares** $0.080
Total Stock Market Index Investor Shares** $0.073
Utilities Income Fund $0.100
Value Index Fund Admiral Shares $0.082
Value Index Fund Institutional Shares $0.085
Value Index Fund Investor Shares $0.080
Wellesley Income Fund Admiral Shares* $0.578
Wellesley Income Fund Investor Shares* $0.235
Wellington Fund Admiral Shares $0.415
Wellington Fund Investor Shares $0.230


* Payable date for Investor and Admiral classes of shares of the Equity Income Fund and the Wellesley Income Fund is October 1, 2001.
** Payable date for Investor, Admiral, and Institutional classes of shares of the Total Stock Market Index Fund is September 28, 2001.
*** Total Stock Market VIPERs record date is September 26, 2001; ex-dividend date is September 24, 2001; and payable date is September 28, 2001.