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Forbes magazine, in their first "Interactive Money Guide," has chosen as one the top 250 Web Sites on the Internet. The Fall 1999 issue covers sites on investing, banking, home buying, cars, collectibles, travel, sports, and more. Our site was one of only seven listed in the "Fund Selection" category. Others in the group included Morningstar, Quicken, and AOL.

Forbes recognized our "message board"as one of the best features of the site. We couldn't agree more. We consider most of the participants on the board to be as informed, intellectually sound, and sincere in their postings as anywhere on the Web.

Forbes' fine eye for detail also noted that the publisher of the site is also a "featured" investment adviser and wondered how the other advisers got listed. They evidently missed the statement, "The advisors pay a fee for this listing," on the Advisor List page. Oh well, the important thing is that the advisors must specialize in indexing strategies (at least 50% of the asset under management) to be listed on the site.

We wish to thank the Discussion Board participants and the financial advisors who contribute to the discussions and the content of the site for their part in making a top destination for investors on the Internet.

Forbes "Best of the Web" (Fund Selection)