Forbes Recognizes IndexFunds.com and ETFzone as Best of Web

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The IndexFunds.com Web site and its ETFzone both scored near the top of their categories in the annual Forbes Magazine Best of the Web awards.

Both the IndexFunds.com site and its ETFzone were awarded Best of the Web, with the IndexFunds.com site finishing 4th out of 20 sites in the Fund Selection category and the ETFzone also being awarded Best of the Web in the Exchange-Traded Fund category. The ETFzone finished 3rd out of the 9 sites in the category.

Jim Wiandt, the site's venerable editor, reached for comment said, "Oh really its nothing. We try to just take things one basis point at a time, exposing evil active managers and being true to ourselves and our readers." Never one to toot his or the site's own horn, Wiandt noted that, "Heck, we're just a few guys trying to look out for the little person, maximizing their returns through lower fees and turnover and greater tax efficiency. And if that makes the world a better place, than so be it."

The Forbes review noted about IndexFunds.com's ETFzone:

"A vibrant bulletin-board community, solid education materials and a good screener make IndexFund's ETFzone a great bookmark for ETF investors. The ETF Screener lets you sort by factors such as style, expense ratio, P/E ratio and returns of anywhere from one month to three years. The boards often take esoteric-but useful-turns on issues such as tracking errors, though there are plenty of ETF investors willing to share insights with rookies. As a bonus, the editors pick their top-ten ETFs based on diversification, low expenses and minimal turnover. The current fave: Vanguard's Vipers."

Capturing the essence of the site itself, the Forbes editors noted:

"This John Bogle-inspired niche site aims to be the authority on investing in indexes. To find retail or institutional funds, go to Data Central. At IndexFunds University read about the "index effect" on stock prices or a survey on Bond Index funds. Search through archives of articles by date, topic or author, or consult the specialized ETFzone for articles on foreign-based exchange-traded funds."

Company president McClatchy and Wiandt's new ETF book, described by Efficient Frontier guru Bill Bernstein as, "Comprehensive, authoritative, and beautifully written." hit bookstores across the nation this week, entering the homes and minds of prudent investors across the nation. The tome to ETF investing quickly rocketed into 3,892nd place on the Amazon.com bestseller list. It was just another week for the team at IndexFunds.com, bringing pleasure to a highly intelligent readership and introducing the world to the thrill of indexing one investor at a time.