IFA provides wealth services through the following six key roles:


The Professional

Offering expertise in assessing the state of your finances and developing risk-appropriate investment strategies to help you meet your goals.


The Listener

Emotional reactions to financial upheavals are real. Consequently, IFA listens to your fears and seeks out the issues driving those feelings to provide practical long-term answers.


The Teacher

The first step to avoiding emotion-driven investing is a simple matter of attaining higher investment knowledge. With IFA's extensive investor education program, we are uniquely positioned to be your teacher.


The Architect

Once these lessons are understood, IFA becomes an architect, helping you build a long-term wealth management strategy that best suits your specific risk capacity and lifetime goals.


The Coach

Even with a sound strategy in place, doubts and fears inevitably arise. When this happens, IFA reinforces academic investment principles to keep you on track.


The Guardian

As a long-term fiduciary, IFA is like a lighthouse keeper, scanning the horizon for issues that may affect you and keeping you informed of these developments.

IFA matches people with portfolios by carefully qualifying and quantifying five dimensions of an investor's risk capacity and matching it to five dimensions of a portfolio's risk exposure.

More About Us

IFA bases its underlying investment philosophy on highly-esteemed Nobel Prize-winning academic research in the field of economic sciences.

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