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Tom Pohlen is a Wealth Advisor (Series 65) at Index Fund Advisors, Inc. He began his career in the investment industry as a Portfolio Associate with Index Fund Advisors, Inc., and rose within the Portfolio Management department to spearhead current and prospective client analyses, as well as in-depth looks at mutual fund company products.

Tom focuses on high net worth individuals that are in or near retirement, business owners, people working for municipalities, professional athletes, and companies to construct highly diversified, low cost 401(k) retirement solutions for their employees.

One of the main goals that Tom has is to change every individual’s investment experience for the better. While many people believe that stock picking and market timing should be staples of an investment experience; Tom aspires to educate individuals about the benefits of a disciplined, evidence based investing approach that is tailored to each person’s goals and objectives.

Tom earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from the California State University, Fullerton. He and his wife Amanda live in Brea, California with their young son. Tom enjoys traveling with his family, running, swimming, reading, and teaching his son how to golf.

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