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The "Go-To" Handbook On Intelligent Investing

Mark Hebner is on a mission to change the way the world invests — by replacing speculation with education. With that in mind, this little gem packs hard data and hundreds of unique and colorful paintings, charts and graphs portraying historic stock market data all the way back to 1928. This is a quick, intelligent read and arguably the most artistic book ever written on investing.





What The Experts Are Saying

"Hebner gives us good advice presented in a very appealing manner. Index Funds remains one of the most valuable investment guides available."

- Burton G. Malkiel, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics, Princeton University and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Tenth Edition, 2011

"It is really beautiful and really well done. I plan to use it as a reference guide."

- David G. Booth

Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer,
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc., Benefactor of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

"… as this book documents so well, a foolish attempt to beat the market and get rich quickly will make one's broker rich and oneself much less so."
- Harry Markowitz, Ph.D.
Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor of Economics at the
University of California at San Diego, Rady School of Management

"This book is WONDERFUL!"
- Theodore R. Aronson
Founder of Aronson Johnson Ortiz, Institutional Investment Manager

Recommended Reading

These books were among the many books used in the development of the investment strategies of Index Fund Advisors. The first book summarizes what is found in most of the books below it. The lack of reading these books is at the heart of the failure of investors.

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